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War against COVID-19: Genomics is on the front line

Over the course of the weekend, many mainstream articles have highlighted the importance of genomics to fight against COVID-19, including an article by ClickOnDetroit titled “In the war against COVID-19, Genomic scientists are leading the charge

Since the outbreak, scientists have rushed to sequence the novel coronavirus genome to help track the spread and more recently they have been sequencing the genomes of COVID-19 patients to gain an insight into susceptibility and disease severity.

At Front Line Genomics, we want to help support these efforts and highlight the work our community is doing by building a resource of COVID-19 genomic-related projects. This resource will highlight the Genomics community’s positive scientific impact in fighting this global pandemic whilst also facilitating collaboration.

We want to create a definitive resource of genomics-related COVID-19 projects, so if you have or are shifting your efforts to help battle COVID-19, or know of any interesting projects, we would love to hear more!

Please send details of your project to

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