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The Genetics Podcast: Making the UK a World Leader in Health Data Science

In the most recent episode of The Genetics Podcast, Patrick Short, CEO of Sano Genetics interviews Caroline Cake, CEO of Health Data Research UK. Caroline discusses Health Data Research’s key sources of data and outlines the challenges faced when trying to effectively unite and enhance data from across the UK. Additionally, she explores the barriers in ensuring that this data is accessible, whilst also maintaining high levels of safety and security.  

Health Data Research UK

Health Data Research UK is the national institute for health data science. They are an independent, not-for-profit organisation working across 31 locations within the UK. Their mission is to unite the UK’s health data and make it available to researchers and innovators to help improve lives. Specifically, their vision is to provide every health and research endeavour with access to large scale data and advanced analytics, allowing better understanding of diseases and the discovery of novel treatments.

The UK has some of the richest health data in the world, allowing for improvements to healthcare on a national scale. Health Data Research UK works with organisations across the UK which hold and manage datasets. In particular, it supports connections between these institutions to promote access to data UK-wide.


During this podcast, Patrick and Caroline discuss the benefits and barriers that arise when collecting and uniting high quality data from across the UK, whilst also ensuring it is accessible and secure for institutions and communities to improve health and care.

Catch the full episode here now!

Exploring all things genetics, Cambridge University Alumnus and current CEO of Sano Genetics, Dr Patrick Short analyses the science, interviews the experts and helps share the stories of people who have been personally affected by genetic conditions in The Genetics Podcast.

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