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The Genetics Podcast: Analysing data in the cloud

In the latest episode of The Genetics Podcast, Patrick Short, CEO of Sano Genetics, interviews Dr Maria Chatzou Dunford, CEO and Co-Founder of Lifebit. LifeBit is a biotechnology company that allows for genomic analysis in the “cloud”.

During this podcast, Patrick and Maria discuss how the cloud enables faster, safer, and less expensive genomic data analysis and what the future could look like when AI is used to analyse the vast amount of human genetic data being generated.

LifeBit’s platform allows researchers to analyse existing genetic data without having to copy from its original location. LifeBit has a dual mission: to free the world of the computational hassles of making sense of large genomic data sets, but also to build the cognitive technology using AI, Machine Learning, Smart algorithms to be able to reason this data as humans would. Eventually, the technology will be able to generate actionable insights just from being exposed to data.

In this episode, Maria predicts that a lot of future progress in genetics will stem in the far-end of downstream analysis, where computational tools will integrate different data types. We also get insights into how LifeBit are collaborating with Genomics England on the GenOMICC study, to deal with the genomic, phenotypic and clinical data of 35,000 patients in the UK to help our understanding of COVID-19.

Don’t miss out, listen to the full episode.

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