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Single Cell ONLINE November webinar series

When: November 5, 2020 Time: 3:00 pm

Join us for our Single Cell ONLINE – a virtual 4-part series where we dive further into the technology that is giving insights into cellular heterogeneity.

Thursday 5th November – Webinar 1: Fuelling the Century of Biology with Single Cell and Spatial Technologies

With developments in technical ability to separate single cells from each other and the falling cost of sequencing, single cell analysis can transform our understanding of diseases at the cellular level.

As technology is constantly evolving, it is difficult for anyone to stay on top of what the latest technology does, whether it is right for them or their research question. So how, and where, should we invest for the next era of single cell studies?

Join us for this interactive global panel discussion featuring world leaders in the single cell and genomics field, as we explore the current state of single cell studies and what is on the horizon.


Stefania Giacomello, Researcher, SciLifeLab

Christophe Fleury, Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

Florian Baumgartner, Senior Product Manager, Visium Spatial Informatics, 10x Genomics

Wai Long Tam, Manager Technology Innovation Lab, Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)

Thursday 12th November – Webinar 2: Latest advancements in single-cell omics

For this three-part webinar, leading experts in genomics will share the latest breakthroughs in genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis at the single-cell level. Workflow improvements in sample preparation, biochemistry and data analysis will be discussed. Additionally, presenters will highlight recent success stories targeting fundamental questions in biology as well as addressing clinical demands in the emerging field of precision medicine.

Join us for these three insightful presentations:

scRapid: Faster Single-cell RNA Sequencing with Unparalleled Sensitivity, by Simone Picelli, Head of the Single-cell Genomics Platform, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel

Dispensing Technologies for Highly Efficient Single-cell Analysis Workflows – Julian Riba, Chief Scientific Officer at cytena

Single-cell Proteomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Macrophage Polarization – Nikolai Slavov, Allen Distinguished Investigator, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

Thursday 19th November – Webinar 3: Single cell analysis for drug discovery

Integrative single cell analysis provides a unique set of challenges. With single cell already playing an important role for drug discovery, join us as we discuss the lessons learned from global pharma companies as we implement, refine protocols and apply the technology across the R&D pipeline.

Join us for three insightful presentations:

“Pooled CRISPR screening with single cell RNA seq read-out in cancer cells” – Antoine De Weck, Team Lead, Oncology Data Science, Novartis

“Network Analysis and Human Single Cell Brain Transcriptomics Reveal Novel Aspects of Alpha-Synuclein (SNCA) Biology”– Dinesh Kumar, Principal Scientist, Sanofi

“Leveraging single-cell analysis to unravel treatment resistance mechanisms and monitor minimal residual disease” – Kelly Kaihara, Ph.D., Applications Manager, MissionBio

Thursday 26th November – Webinar 4: Single cell sequencing and the immune system

“Using population genetics and single cell sequencing to discover cell-type specific genetic risk for disease, and drug efficacy” – Joseph Powell, Director, Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics

“Genetics of single-cell gene expression during T cell activation” – Blagoje Sosik, Postdoctoral Fellow, Immune genomics group, Wellcome Sanger

“From clones to subsets: using transcriptomics to characterise the CD8 T cell response to Checkpoint Immunotherapy” – Benjamin Fairfax, Principal Investigator, University of Oxford and Robert Watson, Academic Clinical Fellow, Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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