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Single Cell ONLINE – A virtual series

When: July 23, 2020 Time: 3:00 pm

The human body has 40 trillion cells and roughly 200 different cell types. Amongst the diverse cell types lies incredible levels of cellular heterogeneity. There are some big biological questions that stem from single cells, like cancer, a potentially deadly disease starting in one cell out of 40 trillion.

Understanding the human body at the single-cell level has applications in neuroscience, the immune system, blood and more. In fact, many if not all the body’s systems are built on the concept of cellular diversity.

Recent advances in the ability to isolate single cells and amplify their genetic material marked the birth of single-cell genomics.

Join us for Single Cell ONLINE – a virtual 4-part series from global leaders using these technologies to better understand human health, starting on Thursday 9th July at 3 pm BST/ 4 pm CET/ 10 am EST.


Webinar 1: Single cell analysis – promises and challenges

These talks will highlight the use of single cell technologies in research, share lessons learned and address how to overcome challenges.

“Patient-derived scaffolds uncover tumor promoting factors of the microenvironment” Anders Stahlberg, Professor, University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska Cancer Center

“Overcoming the Complexity of Single Cell Data Analysis”Ivan K. Lukić, Senior Field Application Scientist, Partek Incorporated

Webinar 2: Single cell for immunoprofiling in Alzheimers

Immense effort has been dedicated to understanding central inflammatory responses in neurodegeneration. Yet, peripheral immune changes remain incompletely understood. Utilizing single-cell transcriptome analysis of 560,000 peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 118 individuals with clinical neurodegeneration compared to 101 cognitively typical controls, hear how the speakers uncovered marked alterations to peripheral immunity.

Andreas Keller, Chair for Clinical Bioinformatics, University of Saarland

Zhouchun Shang, Group Leader, MGI

Webinar 3: Single-cell genomics for drug targets

Single cell technologies can be utilised by pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their pipeline by uncovering drug targets across multiple disease areas. This webinar will bring you examples of the adoption and lessons learned from Pharma, and how you can simplify the data analysis.

“Challenges to cell type annotation in patient CNS tissue samples” – Jonathan Proto, Principal Scientist, Sanofi

“Disease associated cell populations for drug discovery” – Caroline Gubser Keller, Data Science Site Head in Chemical Biology and Therapeutics, Novartis

“How to Simplify your Multi-omics Single Cell Data Analysis” – Simit Patel, Field Applications Scientists, Partek Incorporated

Webinar 4: Clinical applicability of single cell analysis in trials: A discussion

The clinical applicability of single cell analysis in clinical trials can be a challenge. Join our global panel of leaders on this interactive webinar to discuss how to overcome the challenges of clinical applicability of single cell analysis.

Panellists include:

Dan Chang, Single cell sequencing lead, Merck

Tobias Bergauer, Lab Head Genetics and Genomics, Roche

Rebecca Leary, Lab Head, NGS Diagnostics, Novartis

This series is brought to you with the support of our sponsors, Partek and MGI.

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