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Round-up: COVID-19 September 2021 (Part One)

Check out our summary of some of the latest news and research surrounding COVID-19 from the past fortnight.


At the time of writing, there have been:

  • 219,990,345 cases
  • 4,557,497 deaths
  • 196,668,154 recoveries


  • According to a new study, natural immune protection after infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant than a vaccine. (Gazit et al, 2021)
  • New research finds that a person’s ability to form specific antibodies against the folded receptor binding domain of the spike protein is crucial for immune protection. (Gattinger et al, 2021)
  • Researchers find that the urine proteome can provide potential biomarkers for early prediction of COVID-19 progression. (Li et al, 2021)
  • A new study confirms that virus variants reduce protection against COVID-19 in both vaccinated and naturally infected individuals. (Bates et al, 2021)
  • Houston Methodist researchers have identified over 50 long-term effects of COVID-19. (Lopez-Leon et al, 2021)
  • A new AI algorithm has been able to separate diseased cells from references in several COVID-19 lung bronchial samples. (Lotfollahi et al, 2021)
  • Researchers have identified biomarkers for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) that can occur weeks after infection with COVID-19. (Porritt et al, 2021)
  • A structural model of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein has revealed opportunities to prevent COVID-19 transmission. (Dodero-Rojas et al, 2021)
  • New findings have shown that certain immune cells, which are found in people previously exposed to common cold coronaviruses, enhance the body’s immune response to SARS-CoV-2. (Loyal et al, 2021)

Other news

  • According to a new study, organ transplants fell by a third worldwide during the first wave of the pandemic. (Aubert et al, 2021)
  • An international team of volunteers has brought portable sequencing platform devices to developing countries for monitoring SARS-CoV-2. (University of Amsterdam, 2021)

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