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Privacy Policy

We value and respect you as a visitor to our website, and consumer of our services. In turn, we take your privacy very seriously.  As always, we want to do our best to make sure you have a good experience with us. That includes limiting the number of registration and download forms you have to fill in, and also limiting the number of e-mails you get that might not be relevant for you. As there is a very diverse range of people who visit the website, we do have to collect some basic information to help filter things. And as always, we are big, big advocates of hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any e-mail you might not want to be receiving in the future. It is a huge help to us!

Now Onto the Privacy Policy….

We have updated our Privacy Policy specifically to inform you about our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect in 2018.

This policy covers your personal information on this website ( only. Whenever a link takes you to a different website, make sure to review their privacy policy before you start using it.


Your Personal Information

We collect very specific information, as a necessary part of us being able to provide you with the best service we can for you.

The small amount of personal information we do collect, we only use in a safe and secure fashion, and would never do anything irresponsible with it.

All that we use your data for is the help us understand what you, our audience are engaging with and might be more interested in from us. Your information also helps us better understand what is of legitimate interest to you from your industry, so that we can supply you with relevant information.

We might also use your data to fulfil specific requests (such as sending you newsletters/magazines/reports and other items that you have subscribed to, or completing any service you have asked us to carry out that requires use of your data), filter our products you are not interested in, filter Front Line Genomics marketing a promotional activity, general administration, statistical analysis to help us improve our offering, or any other usage that is relevant, fair, honest, sensitive, responsible, and respectful towards your privacy.

In line with the honesty and respect outlined above, we will only use your personal information for the purposes we clearly state at the point at which you provide it to us.

Under GDPR, you have the right to see the data we hold about you. If you would like to view your details, please contact:

The Head of Data
Front Line Genomics Limited
Ground Floor, Cromwell House,
15 Andover Road,
SO23 7BT,
United Kingdom

To help us to serve you to our best ability and your greatest benefit, and if you are happy for us to hold the information that we have, please confirm with us that it is correct or tell us if it’s not.

For more detailed information about the kinds of information we collect, how we process it, and who we might share it with, take a look at our Terms and Conditions.