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Genomics week in brief: Week ending 31st December

Check out the latest Genomics Week in Brief covering 17th to 31st December – full of intriguing news and research […]

A Spotlight On: Genetics and Mental Health – Gerome Breen

Gerome Breen, Professor of Psychiatric Genetics, King’s College London. Please note the transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity. […]

World of Genomics: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In this week’s World of Genomics tour, we stop at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The country is home […]

World of Genomics: Greece

The next stop in our World of Genomics tour is Greece. Greece, officially known as the Hellenic republic, is one […]

Method developed to identify treatment resistant cancer cells in tumours

Researchers have developed a novel way to understand tumour heterogeneity that could be used to prevent cancer relapse. The study, […]

Wearable electronic patch can 3D map haemoglobin molecules

Researchers have developed an electronic patch that can sense biomolecules in deep tissues. The study, published in Nature Communications, details […]

Advances in Single-Cell and Spatial Analysis 3rd Edition

Single-cell sequencing and analysis reveals a whole world of information contained in each individual cell. Spatial technologies allow that cellular […]

World of Genomics: Türkiye

Once a great empire, Türkiye, a mountainous country lying between the continents of Europe and Asia, is famous for its […]

New “cellular glue” could help build tissues

Researchers have taken a major step forward in regenerative medicine through the creation of new synthetic adhesion molecules. The study, […]

SNO proteins identified as drivers of Alzheimer’s disease in women

Researchers have unlocked new insights into the molecular mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), which may explain why women are at […]