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How to leverage genetics and advanced analytics for target discovery – insights from John Whittaker, GSK

Our D4 Global virtual event took place on 13th-16th October 2020. D4 Global was the world’s first truly global event focusing on data-driven discovery and development in pharma R&D.

We had an engaging live presentation and Q&A with John Whittaker, Vice President, Target Sciences, GSK. His talk entitled – ‘Leveraging Genetics and Advanced Analytics for Target Discovery‘ – looked at all things genomics, data and drug discovery.

John’s talk covered:

  • How the current generation and manipulation of diverse omics data at scale comprised of integrated genomics has driven forward target identification and validation
  • Understanding the analytics for the distillation of actionable insights from large, diverse and complex datasets
  • Best practice for multi-omics and genomic data integration and data analysis

We would like to thank John and all of our speakers, sponsors and the D4 Global community for making D4 Global such a vibrant and interesting event!

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