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International Women’s Day 2020

In light of International Women’s day yesterday, we are starting the week by celebrating the women in Genomics! 

Here at Front Line Genomics, we love to celebrate the contributions made to the field at our annual Festival of Genomics every January.

This year, we had over 120+ speakers and of which, 50% were women!

Why does representation matter?

Gender diversity in STEM subjects is crucial as studies have found that the research is more accurate when a more diverse team contributes, with women often bringing a different perspective to scientific conversations.

Globally, women are underrepresented in STEM subjects, but the STEM market is growing and there is a constant need to fill new positions for the growing teams. Efforts focusing on recruiting women into STEM subjects early in their education and careers and having proportional representation in the workplace is one way to encourage this.

At the festival, we love to celebrate all contributions things Genomics, but we will continue to encourage and spread diversity to facilitate the best scientific discussions possible.

So, a belated happy International Women’s Day from all of us at FLG.

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