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Genomics week in brief: Week ending 24th October

Yet again here at Front Line Genomics we have summarised the latest updates and genomics news from the past week – all in one place!

Top stories from the past week

  • While the world is focused on COVID-19, the Ebola virus is raging on. Researchers performed atom molecular dynamics simulations of the assembly of Ebola virus nucleoproteins in the presence and absence of ssRNA. From this, they revealed structural features of the virus’s protein shell that could act as a potential therapeutic target. (Perilla et al, 2020)
  • A team of researchers have found that aspirin can reverse SMAR1 repression and consequent chemoresistance in breast cancer stem-like cells. (Das et al, 2020)
  • A recent study has reported exome sequencing and characterisation of 49,960 individuals from the UK Biobank. (Baras et al, 2020)
  • Researchers have utilised single-cell analysis of longitudinal samples to unravel the clonal diversity and evolution patterns of acute myeloid leukaemia. (Takahasi et al, 2020)
  • Gut microbiome analysis in autistic children has revealed that the disorder may have altered gut microbial community functions that impact detoxification processes in the intestine. These changes appear to have downstream effects on mitochondrial function. (Zhang et al, 2020)
  • Babies that inherit a mutation in the maternal copy of UBE3A gene develop Angelman syndrome. Scientists have shown that they can use gene editing techniques to restore UBE3A in human neuron cultures and treat deficits in an animal model of the syndrome. (Zylka et al, 2020)
  • Researchers find that combining epigenetic therapies with ADAR1 inhibitors could represent a promising strategy for cancer treatment. (Carvalho et al, 2020)

In other news

  • Figures have shown that only 59% of girls across the UK in the past year have received the HPV vaccine due to school closures during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. (Public Health England, 2020)


  • Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme are conducting a free, flexible online course on Monday 2nd November for individuals to learn about whole genome sequencing in healthcare. The course will be delivered through a range of articles, videos, animations and discussion forums facilitated by experts.
  • Single cell analysis is playing a major role in biological research yet challenges within these technologies remain. Join us for our ‘Single Cell ONLINE’ virtual four-part webinar series, where we will dive further into the technology that is changing the way research is being conducted. Our first webinar is taking place on Thursday 5th November at 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 11am EDT. This interactive global panel with world leaders in the single cell and genomics field will explore the current state of single cell studies and what is on the horizon. Register now.

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