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Genomics week in brief: Week ending 21st January

Check out the latest Genomics Week in Brief covering – full of intriguing news and research from the genomics space!

Top stories from the past week:

  •  New study analyzes genome-wide association to eight upper respiratory diseases (61,195 cases) among 260,405 FinnGen participants (Nature)
  • New study highlights the critical role of GSDME-mediated pyroptosis in oncolytic ORFV-based antitumor immunity and identifies combinatorial cancer therapy strategie (Nature)
  • Researchers have developed a nucleolus Hi-C (nHi-C) experimental technique to enrich nucleolus-associated chromatin interactions. (Nature)
  • CRISPR screens reveal genetic determinants of PARP inhibitor sensitivity and resistance in prostate cancer, investigating the use of PARP inhibitors beyond BRCA1/2-deficient tumors and support reevaluation of current biomarkers for PARP inhibition in prostate cancer. (Nature)
  • Study presents “Jasmine and Iris” for fast and accurate SV refinement, comparison and population analysis. (Nature)
  • Researchers have developed a computational pipeline to identify viroid-like cccRNAs and applied it to 5,131 metatranscriptomes and 1,344 plant transcriptomes. (Cell)
  • New study investigates how DNA replication is linked to sister chromatid cohesion establishment. (Cell)
  • Researchers have developed a bioengineering and machine learning framework that optimizes organoid symmetry breaking by tuning their spatial coupling. (Cell)
  • New study identifies two subtypes of chronic kidney disease with distinct immune gene expression patterns and provides promising predictive models. (Frontier in Genetics)
  • Research reveals the critical role of mitochondrial energy metabolism signaling in pancreatic cancer and gave a better understanding of the clinical intervention of PAAD. (Frontiers in Genetics)
  • Study showcases a new unsupervised generative model, iPoLNG, for the effective and scalable integration of single-cell multiomics data (Frontiers in Genetics)

In other news: