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Genomics week in brief: Week ending 12th June

We have got you covered for another week with all of the latest genomics news and research in one place!

Top stories from the past week

  • An experimental monoclonal antibody has been found to completely prevent nonhuman primates from being infected with the monkey form of HIV. (Chang et al, 2021)
  • Salk Institute researchers have shown how to optimise the production of insulin-producing cells from stem cells. (Liu et al, 2021)
  • Researchers have found a single biomarker that can accurately indicate the presence of underlying neurodegeneration in people with cognitive issues. (Ashton et al, 2021)
  • Using single-cell and spatial omics technologies, researchers have analysed the transcriptome during early zebrafish development. (Holler et al, 2021)
  • Scientists have discovered that cells sometimes release DNA fragments at sites of paired, or double, double-strand breaks. (Prieler et al, 2021)
  • Researchers have identified a gene that plays a minor role in congenital heart disease. (Lang et al, 2021)
  • A new study has revealed that XRCC1 doesn’t just simply repair DNA, but in fact suppresses the toxic effects of PARP. (Demin et al, 2021)
  • Researchers have used silica capsules to encapsulate data-encoding DNA file sequences, enabling access of files. (Banal et al, 2021)
  • A new platform – AstroPath – combines astronomic image analysis and mapping with pathology specimens to analyse microscopic images of tumours. (Berry et al, 2021)

In other news

  • The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) has recommended a minimum set of pharmacogenetic alleles to guide clinical CYP2D6 genotype testing. (Pratt et al, 2021)


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