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Genomics week in brief: Week ending 10th October

Bringing you another quick round-up of the top Genomics stories and news from the past week!

Top stories from the past week

  • Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine report new evidence that some animals’ natural capacity to regrow neurons is not missing in mammals but is actually inactivated. (Hoang et al, 2020)
  • Whole genome, transcriptome and methylome profiling reveals actionable pathogenic cancer-predisposing variants in high-risk paediatric cancer patients. (Wong et al, 2020)
  • Researchers have uncovered the genomic landscape of individual melanocytes, providing insight into the causes and origins of melanoma. (Tang et al, 2020)
  • A novel computational strategy called SCIRA (SCalable Inference of Regulatory Activity in single cells) is able to chart the heterogeneity of tumour suppressor events at single-cell resolution. (Teschendorff et al, 2020)
  • A new analysis of male-specific Y chromosomes from all living species of the great ape family, provides further insight into how this chromosome evolved. It illuminates the essential genes for male reproduction in nonhuman great apes, all of which are endangered. (Cechova et al, 2020)
  • Using exome data and ACMG guidelines, researchers have characterised clinically relevant copy-number variants associated with inherited heart disease and unexplained sudden cardiac death. (Bagnall et al, 2020)
  • Researchers have found that the histone chaperone, ANP32E, dramatically influences genome-wide chromatin accessibility through refinement of H2A.Z patterns. (Murphy et al, 2020)
  • Based on CRISPR/Cas9 technology, researchers have devised a gene-editing strategy to target introns of fusion oncogenes to selectively eliminate cancer cells and reduce tumour burden in in vivo models. (Rodriguez-Perales et al, 2020)
  • Researchers have developed a customised targeted cfDNA sequencing approach for breast cancer using molecular barcodes for error correction. (Kleftogiannis et al, 2020)

Other news

  • Cancer Research UK have released a report – ‘Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer: a Roadmap to the Future’. CRUK consulted with more than 100 expert stakeholders to present a shared vision, from discovery to implementation, for a long-term future in which early detection and diagnosis of all cancers is a routine reality.


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  • Make sure you register for our D4 Global virtual event taking place tomorrow Tuesday October 13th until Friday October 16th. Talks include challenges of large-scale genomics, using genetics to advance target discovery and the use of whole-genome sequencing in drug development.

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