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Genomics week in brief: Week ending 10th April

Enjoy the latest genomics week in brief, filled with all of the most recent genomics news and research!

Top stories from the past week

  • Researchers have developed a new RNA-sequencing method – PANDORA-seq – that helps discover previously undetectable modified small RNAs. (Shi et al, 2021)
  • Using ancient genomes, researchers have shed new light on the earliest Europeans and their relationships with Neanderthals. (Hajdinjak et al, 2021)
  • Researchers have developed a new method that enables nanopore sequencing for broadly applicable methylation discovery. (Tourancheau et al, 2021)
  • New technology – CRISPR-SNP-Chip – is able to detect single point mutations without amplification. (Balderston et al, 2021)
  • Mutations in the OPHN1 gene can cause a rare X-linked disease that includes poor stress tolerance. Researchers have found three ways to reverse the effects of this mutated gene in mice. (Wang et al, 2021
  • Researchers have found that an important defect in STING gene expression in melanoma cells enables it to evade the immune system. (Falahat et al, 2021)
  • Scientists have found that colorectal cancer patients with particular mitochondrial DNA mutations in their tumours had a 57-93% decreased risk of death. (Gorelick et al, 2021)
  • Around 1% of people with Alzheimer’s disease carry a mutation in the PLD3 gene. Now, researchers have found that this mutation puts people at a higher risk of developing the disease by disrupting its role in the lysosome. (Nackenoff et al, 2021)
  • Researchers have discovered that transposons can protect against blood cancers. (Gu et al, 2021)
  • A team at the Francis Crick Institute has found that blocking protein DNPH1 could increase tumour sensitivity to treatment with PARP inhibitors. (Fugger et al, 2021)


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