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FoG 2020 Presentation Clare Turnbull, QMUL, Genomics England: Precision Prevention For Cancer: Opportunities And Hype

Clare’s research has focused on identification and characterisation of heritable genetic factors associated with cancer. She leads the largest recruitment study of testicular germ cell tumour (TGCT) in the world and her group has identified the majority of common and rare susceptibility variants for TGCT.

She has recently initiated a £4.3 million CRUK Catalyst award, CanGene-CanVar, to develop NHS data resources to improve evaluation, communication and patient interpretation of inherited cancer risk. From 2014-2019, Clare was clinical lead for Cancer Genomics for Genomics England, involved in design and delivery of the 100,000 Genomes Project and the new NHS England Genomics Medicine Service and National Genomics Informatics System.

Clare undertook her preclinical training in Cambridge and qualified in medicine from Oxford University, completed a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology at ICR and a Masters degree in Epidemiology and Statistics at LSHTM.

Her clinical work at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust focuses on management of patients and families with genetic susceptibility to cancer.  She also a member of the RCP Faculty of Public Health Medicine and is an honorary consultant in Public Health at Public Health England.

Clare Turnbull, Queen Marys, Genomics England