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Case study from Northern Italy: How to set up a complete workflow for COVID-19 sample testing

When: June 4, 2020 Time: 3:00 pm

This webinar will place you right into one of the hot-spots of the entire crisis, Northern Italy.

It’s the story of how a retirement home/hospital impacted by the pandemic reached out to a local research centre – the PTP Science Park near Milan – for help. And how the PTP Science Park worked with Tecan (who are supporting this webinar) to rapidly re-purpose their equipment and completely reorganise to build a complete, automated end-to-end laboratory process and workflow for testing COVID-19 samples.

The insights shared in this workshop will be invaluable for anyone involved in building or developing/improving COVID-19 testing facilities, people contributing more generally to the battle against COVID-19 or anyone in the life sciences space interested in hearing an incredible tale of achievement in extreme adversity.

This webinar will take place at the scheduled time, and also be available on-demand for anyone who registers.


This is both a human story and a practical story. It covers:

The background

How this project came about in response to a serious crisis in Northern Italy, and how stakeholders quickly responded and collaborated to get things started.

The early stages of response

How the PTP Science Park and Tecan worked together to create the initial vision for an end-to-end COVID-19 testing workflow, and how lessons were learned from the early stages of setting up sample testing, including the real problems that were faced.

The final solution and outcome

How instruments were repurposed to deal with hundreds, and up to thousands, of samples per day, reorganising and integrating equipment in an entire lab to create a complete end-to-end workflow.

The impact and lessons learned

What the outcome has been and how it has impacted – and will continue to impact – the local area.

Benefits of Attending

Attendees will leave not only inspired by the story and response, but also with practical benefits that they can apply elsewhere, including:

*** A better idea of how to create a complete, automated end-to-end workflow for COVID-19 sample testing, including the importance of good crisis management and adapting and responding in the early stages.

*** An understanding of how to avoid and overcome the lessons learned in setting up and optimising your a workflow.

*** How Tecan’s instruments and guidance made (and are making) a real, tangible difference to the outcome of the project.

Our hope is that (1) this webinar will be valuable to anyone hoping to contribute to the battle against coronavirus by quickly setting up an efficient and effective testing lab in the easiest way possible, and (2) act as an inspiring story for how different stakeholders can quickly come together to support communities in a crisis situation.


This webinar has been made possible with the kind support of our partner, Tecan, who were heavily involved in this case study. We’re extremely grateful to Tecan for introducing us to the people involved in this project in Northern Italy, and encourage anyone interested in finding out more about the technology used to visit the Tecan website.


Andrea Di Lemma Andrea Di Lemma, CEO, PTP Science Park

Francesca Visentini Francesca Visentini, Laboratory Coordinator, PTP Science Park

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