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Cancer Genomics 101: 2018 edition


Cancer is one of the oldest diseases known to human society, and recently it’s the development of next-generation sequencing and a stronger understanding of genetic mutations that have driven our knowledge further. With increased pollution and longer lifespans, the last century has seen cancer becoming more prevalent in society than ever before. According to a 2008 study done by the American Cancer Society, one in two men and one in three women will now develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. At the same time, our ability to detect and treat cancer has been improving and survival rates are higher than they have ever been; some studies estimate that they have as much as doubled in the last four decades.

This guide is intended to help you understand how cancers can develop in the body and what forms they can take, as well as taking you through the medical processes of diagnosis and treatment. With help from our sponsors and collaborators, we have tried to bring you a clear, unbiased guide to understanding cancer and what options are currently available for patients. This e-book is not intended to act as an instruction manual for diagnosing or treating cancer, but instead hopes to introduce you to new topics.

We hope that you find this guide to be interesting and, most importantly, useful.


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