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Cancer Cell Metastases: Understanding the Process Using Insights from Single Cell Sequencing

When: May 18, 2022 Time: 11:00 am

This webinar will provide people working in cancer research and/or cancer therapy development with an understanding of how single cell and multi-omics approaches are being used to explore and identify the mechanisms of cancer metastasis, with a view to preventing them.

Wednesday 18th May 2022 – 11am (BST)/12pm (ECT)/6am (EST)

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Abrogating metastasis could be a valuable strategy for treating solid cancers by preventing their spread and recurrence. Inhibition of metastasis is particularly important in solid cancers where immune checkpoint blockade is used as first-line therapy, as recent evidence suggests that the occurrence of metastases severely compromises the efficacy of immunotherapy.

To effectively target metastases, it is important to decipher and understand the organ tropism that leads to tumour survival in the foreign microenvironment. In doing so, we should be able to develop novel therapeutic strategies that actively inhibit or disrupt metastatic behaviour, and directly benefit cancer patients.

Talk 1: Deciphering the metastatic cascade and immune evasion in progressing carcinomas

The first talk – delivered by Dr. Lydia Meder of the University of Cologne, Germany – will present recent findings on cancer metastases formation and the associated underlying mechanisms, as well as the role of the immune system in the process.

Talk 2: Single cell sequencing of breast cancer lymph node metastasis and multi-omics solutions in single cell analysis

The second talk – delivered by Dr. Katarina Pankova, Senior Product Manager at Singleron Biotechnologies – will outline new, cutting-edge single cell sequencing approaches used in cancer research. This will include a case study from recently published work (see the reference below).

Q&A with both speaker

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What you will learn from this webinar

  1. An outline of cancer metastases formation process, including
    • Reprogramming of tumour cells in the metastatic cascade.
    • Immune evasion in metastatic carcinomas.
    • Therapeutic strategies to combat metastatic processes.
  2. Lessons learned from a recently published case study focusing on single cell profiling of breast cancer lymph node metastasis.
  3. An overview of multi-omics solutions for single cell analysis.

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Reference: A portion of the work presented in this webinar has been published in the following paper:

Xu, K., Wang, R., Xie, H. et al. Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals cell heterogeneity and transcriptome profile of breast cancer lymph node metastasis. Oncogenesis 10:66 (2021) DOI: 10.1038/s41389-021-00355-6

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This webinar has been produced with the kind support of Singleron Biotechnologies. You can find out more about the technologies outlined in this webinar by visiting the Singleron Biotechnologies website.

Register for Cancer Cell Metastases: Understanding the Process Using Insights from Single Cell Sequencing here:


Dr. Lydia Meder Dr. Lydia Meder, Principal Investigator and Lecturer, University of Cologne, Germany

Dr. Katarina Pankova Dr. Katarina Pankova, Senior Product Manager, Singleron Biotechnologies

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