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Varigen Biosciences

Varigen Biosciences
Business Name: Varigen Biosciences
Founders: David Mead and Mark Liles
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Why are you launching the business? What "problem" are you addressing? : The development of natural product small molecule drugs is complicated and can take years using conventional culture based approaches. Even when successful, the ability to associate the small molecule with its genetic blueprint is very challenging, and the over production of bioactive metabolites can take a decade using conventional approaches. New tools and technologies are needed to compress the drug discovery process from years to months.
How do you address the problem? What solution do you provide?: With its proprietary synthetic biology tools, Varigen has overcome many of the technical obstacles of genomic and metagenomic drug discovery: difficulty cloning large tracts of DNA [DNAtrap®], constructing big insert soil DNA libraries [BigDNA®], producing end-product metabolite at scale in a heterologous host [BGCXpressTM, CleanChassisTM, BGCrefactorTM] and modifying the end-product by genetic manipulation of the pathway [EvologTM]. Varigen has produced libraries containing thousands of novel full-length biosynthetic gene clusters producing metabolites that can be assayed for biological activity. We have also cloned over 70
pathways from sequenced microbes. We would welcome the opportunity to show you the results of our work in greater detail.
What will be the benefit of your product? What will the world look like once it is launched?: Varigen’s genomic and metagenomic drug discovery tools accelerate the process of finding bioactive metabolites ten fold compared to classic approaches. Our metagenomic libraries have new small molecule pathways not seen before, enabling a new generation of drugs overlooked using culture based screening approaches.
Business Address: 505 S ROSA RD, STE 15
MADISON, WI, 53719
United States

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Listing Title: Varigen Biosciences