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Biopharma insights into the digital transformation


Pharma R&D productivity is decreasing. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant most pharma companies have rapidly turned towards digital strategies. The digital transformation is continuing at a rapid pace, offering a mechanism to revise pharma business models.

Our recent report – ‘Digital Transformation in Biopharma’ – builds upon insights gathered from D4’s ‘Digitising Pharma R&D’ webinar series. It contains exclusive interviews and case studies, highlighting some of the key challenges and experiences of biopharma companies who are currently on their digital journey.

This report is useful for those at all stages of the digital journey in biopharma, providing key insights on how to get ahead during this digital transformation.


  • Chapter 1: Why be a digital pharma player? Motivations behind digitisation at scale.
  • Chapter 2: Increasing velocity in preclinical R&D. The opportunities in preclinical R&D to improve productivity.
  • Chapter 3: Automation in drug discovery. How modern automated technologies can transform the R&D lab.
  • Chapter 4: Harnessing AI/ML for R&D. How AI and ML are transforming drug discovery.
  • Chapter 5: Digitising clinical trials. How digitisation is impacting clinical trials, including engagement.
  • Chapter 6: Harnessing data and analytics at scale. The ways pharma are transforming the way they analyse data.
  • Chapter 7: Grand challenges to adoption. How pharma are addressing current challenges.
  • Chapter 8: The path towards digital pharma R&D. A summary of the digital pathway ahead.

Report Contributors

  • Casandra Mangroo, Vice President of Science, BenchSci
  • Cindy Novak, LCS, Lab Operations, Systems Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Sonia Houston Pichardo, Digital Trials lead Europe, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Sreetama Basu, Data Scientist, Merck

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