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An opportunity to help in the fight against COVID-19

Cantor Bioconnect, in conjunction with the White House COVID-19 Task force, are calling for people diagnosed with the novel virus to take part in a paid study to donate blood samples to research. Every participant is compensated $100. You only need to meet two criteria to apply:

  1. You must be aged 18 or over, and
  2. You must have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

So, if you, or anyone you know has had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, you can help!

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Why do Cantor Bioconnect and the White House want your blood?

Cantor Bioconnect, in conjunction with multiple diagnostic companies and the White House COVID19 Task Force are working to fulfil the pressing need for diagnostic tests and therapeutic drugs. As there is currently a shortage of blood containing antibodies to the COVID-19 coronavirus, this program appeals to members of the public who have recovered to donate their blood to benefit both research and current patients. By donating a blood sample, people are contributing to research, but will also be compensated $100 every time they participate.

Preliminary findings from China published on Monday 6th April, showed that convalescent plasma therapy, harvesting antibodies from recovered people, and administering to COVID-19 patients, appeared to shorten the duration of symptoms, improve blood oxygen levels and speed up viral clearance. The results from this pilot study offer hope that a relatively simple and easy to administer treatment could prove effective against COVID-19.

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