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Accelerating Research in the Cloud

When: March 30, 2021 Time: 3:00 pm

Working with Cloud technology has opened the doors to countless new research capabilities and opportunities. Cloud services are platforms that provide access to computing capabilities, databases and services all in one place. Healthcare and genomics can greatly benefit from Cloud services, facilitating access to large and unwieldy datasets for analysis in-situ that can be scaled.

Hosted by Dr. Rowland Illing (Director and CMO Government Healthcare, Amazon Web Services), this discussion with Mark Effingham (Deputy CEO, UK Biobank), Robert Denison (CIO, Congenica) and Peter Sinden (CIO, Genomics England) covers what their organisations have learnt from working with the Cloud.

What you will take away from the webinar:

  • Where the organisations were at the start of 2020 with the Cloud
  • How a Cloud environment supported remote working
  • How AI/ML approaches can be utilised by researchers
  • The benefits from adopting Amazon Web Services during these uncertain times

This webinar has been made possible with the kind support of our partner, Amazon Web Services.

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Pete Sinden Pete Sinden, CIO, Genomics England

Rob Denison Rob Denison, CIO, Congenica

Rowland Illing Rowland Illing, Director and CMO Government Healthcare, AWS

Mark Effingham Mark Effingham, Deputy CEO, UK Biobank

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