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6 Genomics Activities To Do With Kids

With the Easter holidays coming up, people would have already been thinking about activities to do with the kids. Then the coronavirus pandemic came along and meant that the kids are now home much longer than expected.
If you are interested in doing some educational activities with your kids, why not teach them a bit about genetics and genomics while you are at it?

The Public Engagement team at The Wellcome Genome Campus has released some cool activities to do with the kids in their yougenome home pack!

1. Colouring

Get the little ones to colour in their chromosomes!

2. DNA-Origami

Challenge your kids to who can fold a better DNA helix!

3. Yummy-gummy DNA

Probably my favourite activity, build a tasty DNA helix with gummy sweets and cocktail sticks

4. Sneeze Zone

What better time to explain the power of social distancing than by recreating the sneeze zone!

5. Balloon Bugs

Can you make a model bacterium? Challenge the kids using materials found at home from balloons to toilet roll tubes!

6. Extracting DNA from fruit.

Use household items to extract DNA from fruit.

Print outs and guides available from the yourgenome home pack!

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